Osteoarthritis Case Study

Osteoarthritis Study


  • Evaluating and supporting the efficacy of a study within a half year period.
  • A phase III randomized placebo-controlled study of osteoarthritis disease.
  • Targeted patients are adults of both gender, with a history of osteoarthritis specifically in parts of the body including shoulder, elbow, hip and ankle.


  • To raise awareness and cultural acceptance by removing the stigma that may be carried behind clinical trials.
  • To manage a numerous areas of application to ensure the health care media and patient data base outreach can be used for patient trafficking.
  • To create a strategy to recruit patients affected by the disease but only at specific parts of the body as well as would be suitable to the strict selection criteria


  • To spread awareness through google ad campaigns
  • To utilise smt (Search My Trial) and puzz (Post Your Buzz), Buzzreach’s own clinical trial platforms to connect patients with investigative sites by allowing patients to have access to information on clinical trials as well as a hub containing all the patients’ database for easy access to the study coordinators
  • To provide an online prescreening procedure so applicants can be selected base on the basic criteria of trial participation as well as the disease before having a screening procedure based on the trial’s selection criteria during their first visit


26 sites
649 participants
14 entry
  • All requirements set were executed within one month of contract execution period.
  • Efficient coordination of vendors and immediate contact and showing a successful registration rate and meeting of campaign target.
  • 649 conducted the online prescreening. 392 were disqualified and 128 cancelled leaving 129 eligible patients. From that, 14 patient were successfully randomized to the study and 115 were disqualified at examination stage.
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