Stroke Case Study

Post Stroke Spasticity of the Lower Limb Study


  • A requested collaboration on patient recruitment supporting a stroke study to complete enrollment phase on time.
  • A phase 3, randomized placebo controlled study of limb spasm and apical deformity on one side after stroke occurrence for more than several months before screening.
  • Targeted patients: Adults cases with a history of spasms after stroke incidence, however no fixed contracture or contraction in the affected side.


  • to effectively target patients within less than a a month to meet the companies study deadline of the specific study drug trial.
  • to cultivate and adopt a new culture and language understanding for the significant barriers of misunderstanding and under-interpreted communication in Japan.
  • Clinical awareness and acceptance by removing the stigma that may be carried behind it through advertisement (distribution of banners and leaflets) in clinical facilities and rehabilitation centers.
  • numerous areas of implementation to navigate and manage in 30 different regions/districts and hospital sites, in japan and ultimately recruiting eligible patients.


  • to establish and run through study sessions and meetings conference to further engage with the study coordinator and build bridges and understanding of the the companies (Sponsor, CRO, SMO and Buzzreach).
  • to build a solid infrastructure of the Project and act on the role of the study by collaborating with a targeted rehabilitation center and directly engage with the recruited patients.
  • to participate on study specific websites and spread advertisement on search engine programs i.e. google ads in order to raise awareness and increase trafficking of the specific study.
  • to interrogate a patient database network archive which covers over 2 million patient registry in Japan. Also, health care media website to increase traffic solutions which where available from the offset of the emergency patient procedure manually created by our expert team


31 sites
101 participants
9 entry
  • All requirements set were executed, efficient coordination of vendors and immediate contact and tracking of patients.
  • 101 applicable patients applied and 9 entries were approved. Showing a successful registration rate and meeting of target.
  • deadline meet and approved of completion of study task in one month.
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